Bed and breakfast Paula in Haarlem

is a fully furnished apartment occupying the entire top floor of a typical Dutch home. It is ideal for 1 or 2 adults plus a small child or two. Where is bed en breakfast Paula? My home is located in a quiet pastoral neighborhood on the west side of Haarlem, circa 3 km (2 miles) from the city center. For an on-line map enter bed and breakfast Paula Haarlem in the search bar of Google Maps. This shows you the location of B&B Paula on the west side of Haarlem and most of Haarlem at a scale of 2mi/2km. Use the zoom in positive sign or roll your mouse wheel forward to zoom in to a scale of 500ft/100m. Drag the map to move around in any direction. The satelite view shows you what the neighborhood looks like from 22,000 miles up. Use the print icon to print the close-up map and extended versions with address and telephone number for your reference! If you get lost ask someone for directions to the Ramplaankwartier (rahmp lahn quar tee air), the district where I live and it may help. If not, they should know the cafe restaurant Wapen van Kennemerland, just 50 steps from my front door.

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